HW Week 3: Laser Cutter

For my laser cut project I have been wanted to try to create one of the sculptures I had been making before coming to ITP. I was making these commodities pieces cutting the stock price with and exacto knife. I then fold the paper and then cover it in resin to harden it and have it keep its shape. I wanted to try to get this effect using the laser cutter to cut the acrylic and then use the hot gun to fold the acrylic like a piece of paper. This is an example of one of my works: 

I decided to use the price of wheat to create my new commodity. 

After making the drawing in Illustrator I used these setting to print. The acrylic is a reflective mirrored material that is 12inchx24inch and 1/16 thick

Using these setting it took two runs to cut through the acrylic.

Then began the shaping. I started with the hot table, but because the piece was so large I changed over to the hot gun. 

However, after a lot more twisting and turning, the piece ended up breaking in half. 

The final piece came together with a lot of glue. Ultimately- I think I will stick to using paper with resin. But it was a nice experiment and I will continue to use the laser cutter to cut the commodity prices.

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