HW Week 5: Material

For the material assignment I decided to take a field trip to Rosenzweig lumber. I wanted to try working with a wonderful wood called Purple Heart.  Getting the location was easy. The wood selection was amazing. However, transporting the wood back to ITP was a whole other story. After wondering the Bronx carrying a 15ft slab of wood I finally found a nice hardware store that helped me cut it down to a manageable size.  


For this project I wanted to create a dart board by building a wood frame with a cork face. The idea being anyone could attach a photograph, design, game to the cork and then use it as a dart board. I also decided to take this opportunity to try the 45 degree cuts again. I attached the cork with the board with a glue that I used last week that seemed to work pretty well. 

HW Week 6: Mounting a Motor

HW Week 4: Box