HW Week 1

For this assignment, I decided to stay within the parameters of the assignment and create a 1ft by 1ft cut out designed for the class. I wanted to try and get it as close to the exact measurements as was illustrated. I was able to find a slab of wood in the shop scrap pile. These are the photos illustrating the process: 

I was able to cut the circle easily with 5 passes. Because I forgot to give myself space to drill the wood to the CNC mount I had to drill into the middle of the circle. This held the wood down well and I never had any issues with the screws getting in the way of making a full pass. Once I figured out the measurement from the edge of the bit to the edge of the circular plastic jig (3.5inch) I was able to use the circle jig's straight edge as a guide for the straight cut.  My only mistake was on the 3rd pass, going to far and bumping into the circle edge. Overall the experience was intuitive educational. 

HW Week 2: OtherMill test