For the CNC project I decided to cut out a square frame(this is the fist test of a larger idea I have). Using the softwares I was able to get what I wanted. I had to go back and forth several times because I fist: measured the depth of the wood I was using wrong. Second: forgot to put -1inch and instead did 1 inch. Once that was solved using the CNC machine was relatively easy. 

For the first square cutout, once the square was completely cut, it did move, causing the bit to shave a curve shape in the cutout square- no big deal because I wasn't going to use it anyways. 

The second problem was my frame cutout was longer than the piece of wood I was cutting. It made It just to the edge so the size was close to perfect, but not perfect. How do I avoid this in the future. Did I place the "zero" start in the right spot? Should I have moved it back further? 

This is the final result. Ultimately it was a good test run. I have a few questions about bits/ being able to cut at an angle?? 

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