HW Week 4 and Midterm: Joints and Desk

For my joinery and midterm project I wanted to create a desk that could be assembled without the use of glue, nails, or screws. Utilizing contrasting materials, I hope the final design will celebrate the construction by highlighting the joinery of the legs, cross beam, and table top. The final piece will be Baltic Birch Ply and Beatle Kill Pine. Here were some images of inspiration: 

After several small sketches on how I would display the joinery in the final object I landed on the idea of the joints for the legs, cross beam, and table top all being exposed at the top of the table. My first attempt with the joinery was for the leg/cross beam connection- after the first cut my 1/4 bit snapped- oops. The measurements were off and the connection was very loose:

After my 1/4 bit broke I began to use a 3/8th bit which I really enjoyed and I believe will be my new bit of choice for prototyping. It took three more tries before I got the proper fit. After that I cutout the legs and cross beam to their respective joints: 

Next was the table top- this took a lot of measuring to get right. In my first attempt the joinery was a few cm smaller than it needed to be. Also because of the way I drew the contours the CNC began to cut the larger perimeter of the table top first, which lead to obvious problems when trying to cut the joinery. I tried to screw the top down on the sides, but it did end up shifting the top so the final cuts were off.  

The second table top worked well. It was a nice tight fit that held the table together. There are a few easy design changes I would like to make. My next goal will be to assemble a life size desk using MDF before making the final piece. 

Week 6: The Wood Lathe