HW Week 2: OtherMill test

For using the OtherMill I tried several cuts and only one was successful. I will show my first idea which was to do an engraving of an Egon Schiele drawing. I created a drawing in Illustrator using the pen tool to trace the original drawing. I then saved it as an SVG below:

Because the pen tool is a stroke, I thought I would be able to use this to create a engraving in the wood, but when I pulled it up in the software it nothing showed up similar to the etchings I tried to make with this final piece. 

The circular shape was made to be the cutout with the etching lines in the center. Again the filled lines were not showing up in the software. 

I sanded the bottom so I was able to evenly apply 4 strips of double sided tape to the bottom of the wood. Ideally, this would have made the etching appear on the worn-out side of the hardwood. 


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