Final: No Nails Desk

Drawings and Design: 

The desk consists of two legs and a skirt with the joinery exposed through the table top. The material used is a baltic birch ply. Everything was cut using the CNC mill. Switching between a a 1/4 bit and 1/8 bit. 

After spending most of my energy making sure this joint would line up perfectly- it worked, but sadly I completely forgot to measure the legs height!! So back to the drawing board. 

Legs are done-  now time for the table top

Once the bulk of the X was cut I switch the mill bit to 1/8 in order to try and get the cleanest cut possible. 

After 7 attempts there is success!  

Desk assembled with no finish. For the finish I decided to use a wax. I wanted to maintain the clean lightness of the wood, but also give is some buff and shine. 

After applying the wax- it is time to assemble. 

Overall construction went well- however after sizing a design to human scale there were several design flaws revealed. The first and biggest one is that that table top wobbles back and forth. This is largely due to the skirt being too narrow and not providing enough support- I believe this could be taken care of with a cross beam in the center, designed similarly as the legs without showing above the table top. The second design is that the 3/4 ply is a little thin in general. With more material I would have liked to double up the ply- I think this would give it more substantial bulk and it may also solve the wobbling table top by extending the width of the skirt. 

Week 10: 4-axis part 2